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Melody has limited verbal skills and can loose her impulse control. She was having trouble getting to school because she would have meltdowns on the bus — crying hysterically and sometimes forcing the bus driver to restrain her and send her to the hospital. Many times Melody wasn’t getting to school at all, so there was no chance for her to learn or grow. We asked Kristen to communicate to Melody that she couldn’t cry or be disruptive on the bus.

However, Kristen did one better and figured out why Melody was having meltdowns.

Kristen took the bus to school several times and learned that Melody was playing games on her phone, that she was streaming, and the games were getting stuck in low reception zones! This was causing Melody to get frustrated but was unable to communicate what was wrong. By learning this information, we were able to load a version of the game onto a different devise that would not freeze. Kristen also loaded a video of herself guiding Melody through a calming meditation.

Now Melody gets off the bus happy, goes to the school gym to walk on the treadmill and then continues through the school day without incident.

Our home-life is so much calmer now! I don’t have to worry about getting a phone call that Melody is being carted off in an ambulance. I don’t worry that she is going to harm herself. Instead I use Kristen’s process to figure out what is happening internally with her. Then I am better able to help her find strategies that work for her.
—Mom from Jersey City, NJ