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My husband and I were both brought up in pretty “traditional” homes with lots of rules and expectations. We would like our kids to grow and learn in a more natural way…but that life-style wasn’t feeling so natural to us. When Micha was 18 months old, we asked Kristen to come play and help us identify how he plays and learns.

Honestly, I think Kristen might have Jedi-mind-tricked me because the day became more about me finding out how I play best rather than how Micha does.

She explained how kids at my son’s age play naturally and then explained what types of play he would grow into when he was ready. Then she showed us all the ways my husband and I play throughout the day without realizing it.

Now I’m not constantly worrying about where Micha should be developmentally and prioritizing our connection instead.

My kid can be the smartest child on the planet, but that won’t matter if he doesn’t know and experience kindness and love.

Our home environment is much more relaxed and fun now, which makes it a better place for us to intuitively learn and explore with each other.

—Mom in New York, NY