Creative Calm MiniCamp

Ages 2.5–4
M T W H F  10am – 1pm
2019: July 8–11, Aug 12–15
2020: Feb 17–20, April 6–9 (school vacation weeks)


Drop your child off or join in on the fun in our backyard atelier and art studio minicamp sessions this summer. Friends will enjoy both the outdoors and our indoor classroom, as well as travel to local parks. We will mindfully explore nature and our neighborhood. Clean dirt, mud pies, sensory play, yoga movement, art and science experiments are all on the agenda. Friends are asked to bring a picnic lunch (or families can elect to do pot-luck family style. A light snack will be provided. All play will be child-lead and based on their motivations.

Email to sign up by June 3.

A 20% deposit is required to secure your child’s spot. We look forward to playing with your child!
Drop-ins are $65 per day.

    Title Address Description
    Purple Crayon Power
    1300 Prospect Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218, USA

    1 week:  $200

    2 weeks:  $382

    4 weeks:  $782