natural play therapy


Natural Play Therapy is a lifestyle. It’s not just how I relate to kids, it’s how I relate to people.

NPT is a relationship-based modality that provides tools and guidelines for developing deeper personal connections through bonding across all environmental settings.

Natural Play Therapy [NPT] has been a critical part of the Crayon Power Approach when working with parents whose children are experiencing a range of different issues:

  • not thriving in his or her current environment.
  • not keeping his or her hands to themselves.
  • has trouble making or keeping friends.
  • appears to be spacy, spacing out, not paying attention, not making eye contact, and is disinterested in anything other than what they’re interested in.
  • faces intense attention-deficit issues.
  • experiences intense separation anxiety.
  • has meltdowns in public.
  • flips out when you clean his or her room, locker, or backpack.
  • makes constant irregular noise.
  • performs well in school, but comes home and is unable to concentrate or do homework.
  • about to get kicked out of school because he or she is hitting other children.

This is not a cookie-cutter approach.

I approach each family individually with custom solutions and plans to achieve your goals. (And sometimes, your goals need to be to let go of your goals.)


Through NPT…

Your child can discover a sense of care, connection, trust, and relationship-building.

As a parent, NPT equips you with the tools you need so you no longer feel like you are swimming against the current.

We will help your child will have more social context for their interests and create a bridge so your child can relate to others more effectively.

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