Parent Cooperative and Community Involvment

Philosophy & Curriculum

Conflict Resolution

Our emphasis on problem solving and conflict resolution supports our anti-bias goal, where children listen to and respect each other’s hopes, needs, and ideas. Children are gently guided to realize the effects of their actions upon one another. They are taught to be respectful of one another and are encouraged to seek out solutions to problems with each other.

We do not use corporal punishment of any kind nor do we use time-out procedures. Teachers use approaches for redirection, role-modeling, and problem-solving discussions. Children will be gently removed from an area if they are being dangerous with their bodies and cannot stop themselves. The immediate goal and objective of the teacher is to help the child self-regulate and regain control, moving towards conflict-resolution.

Child Abuse Report

It is mandatory for all the staff to report any suspected child abuse. If the staff person suspects that a child has been abused in or out of the in-home facility, they are required by law to report this to Child Protective Services and Community Care Licensing. The person suspecting the

abuse is responsible for making that call and should report it to the Director immediately, and complete required paperwork.

Parent Involvement

We ask that parents maintain and uphold the core values of our program. Generally, parents are not expected to stay beyond drop off or pick up unless previously arranged.

Parent-Teacher Communication

We strive to keep you up to date about your child’s activities by providing Parent/Teacher-guide check ins, conferences, and in person communication.

Your Child’s First Day

The Beginning of the Year/Helping Your Child with Transition

During your child’s first days in our program, we take special time to help your child acclimate and transition into new rhythms and schedules. Parents are encouraged to stay for 10 minutes after drop off. In addition to morning drop-offs, we support families who feel their child may need additional transitional support. These first days may be sensitive for children. We recognize that every child is different with different needs.

Clothing and Spare Clothing

Please do not send your children to the program in their “good” clothes. Clothes should be free to be stained, dirty or in rare instances even ripped. Clothing should be wholesome. We do not support violent or inappropriate imagery. Please send your child in safe, comfortable footwear. Flip-flops are not permitted. As weather in New York City is often changeable, dressing your child in layers is helpful. We are a forest/community program and are out in inclement weather, please be sure to send your child with climate appropriate apparel.

First Day Checklist

To ensure the smoothest transition for your child, we ask to please bring the following items the first day of attendance:

  • Covered water bottle. Water bottles go home daily. Please bring to the program everyday. Water bottles should be labeled with your child’s name.
  • A packed lunch that will sustain your child for at least five hours. We recommend a fruit, vegetable and main course.
  • Two pairs of socks to be stored in your child’s backpack. Please label socks with child’s name.
  • Scooters are not permitted during school operations until the Director and children have discussed proper scooter use at Morning Meeting. The Director will notify parents when scooters are allowed to be used by email.
  • Children are encouraged to bring games, books and projects to share throughout the day with their friends.
  • A sketch pad with your child’s name
  • Black Sharpie Marker
  • We encourage kids to bring a yoga matt, although it is not mandatory.

Please provide this signed copy with your registration forms on the first day of your child’s  enrollment. Please keep the second signed copy for your records.