Kristen, Matt and the many other helping friends that come throughout the day are truly incredible! My son wakes up eager to get to Crayon Power and at pick up he begs to stay longer and the days he’s not there he is talking about being there. He feels comfortable and loved at Crayon Power, and I must say that I do as well 🙂 at drop off and pick up I am always greeted with warmth and sincerity. I’m so happy we have found this program, it is a one of a kind, gem and a great addition to the Brooklyn community. —Lisha Louz

Our son, Jack, has been working with Kristen for the past 7 months.

After years of struggling in public school and feeling misunderstood, he came home one day and said, “It’s like Kristen knows exactly what I’m feeling.” Jack has learned how to understand his feelings, describe them to others and minimize his reactions to situations.

He can rebound more quickly. He knows he is safe with Kristen and is able to learn organically and emotionally. She has also worked with us at home – we just love her and the program. —Sara Shatzel Fitzpatrick

Kristen has worked with our family in the past and is extremely kind, caring, passionate and professional. She genuinely loves children and the kids pick up on her sincerity and “realness” right away. She brings a great deal of knowledge and experience, but she is always open to feedback and curious to keep learning and growing. Any family looking for an educator for their children with or without special needs will be very lucky to have Kristen be part of their team! —Denise Dorn

We were nervous about the price at first but got a chance to meet Kristen before starting. She knew a lot about what Sara needed just by spending a few minutes with her. Kristen, Amanda, and Matt are all instrumental in not only Sara’s life but mine as well. They genuinely care about her and my well being. They have taught me a lot about how to interact with my daughter on a deep level. Since starting the class, Sara has improved in behavior and temperament. She is learning how to use her words for what she’s feeling and not have fits. I’ve learned how to approach her high anxiety with warmth even when the going gets tough.

This place is a staple in our family and everyone close to us can see the difference in Sara. —Michelle Caines