What will your program look like this year?

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, our program is going to look smaller and more contained than previous year. We are choosing to focus on 8-10 children with two teachers and a backup-teacher and an administrative guide. Our classroom will be a cohesive pod that operates Monday-Thursday from 8:30 AM -4:00 PM. We are not inviting guests into our space and parents will act as trained volunteer substitutes. We have hired a housekeeper to come in and clean when children are not present.

In the past we have had up to 12 children per day (in the afternoon we have about 5-7 kids). We tried to have 6 2/3s and 6 4/5/6s. Families could choose the days and hours their child came to be a customized plan. Our ratio was typically 4:1, however, legally we could hold a ratio of 6:1 safely. Sometimes we will had additional help from a volunteer, teaching student, Paraprofessional or OT student.

How many are enrolled next year so far (are you nearly full)?

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic our enrollment is not opened to new families. However, we usually fill quickly and we have a waiting list. We are in the process of expanding to offer remote learning spots soon and possibly a meet-up for toddlers in the Park with a different teacher from our playschool.

Do you have availability for my child to attend 8 am – 4 pm for all four days of the week (M, T,W,Th)? And what is the timing for 1/2 days?

We offer both long and short day options. Your family can choose from 8:30am-12pm or from 8:30am-4pm. 

What's the rough schedule for each day?

The schedule might change according to the needs and development of the kids we serve, however, this is the schedule we maintained in previous years…

Monday: Morning work/Snack/Morning Meeting/Outdoor exploration/Lunch lab/Afternoon work or music/Quiet time or nap/Snack/Art and go home

Tuesdays: Keep Shoes on-Short morning meeting/Snack/Backyard Atelier/Lunch lab/Afternoon projects/Quiet time or nap/snack/writing readiness and art/go home

Wednesday: Keep Shoes on-Short morning meeting/Snack/Forest School Day/Lunch lab/Afternoon projects/Quiet time or nap/snack/writing readiness and art/go home

Thursday: Morning work/Morning Meeting/snack/Dance/Art-sensory exploration/Lunch lab/outdoor play or yoga/quiet time or nap/Snack/free play/go home

Do you offer a nap time?

We offer a “Quiet Hour”. Quiet Hour starts at 1pm and goes until 2pm. Some kids get a matt and put themselves down earlier. The older children (4/5/6) also have quiet hour. It is designed as a time to learn how to recharge and be at rest. The kids may draw quietly, read books, nap, or write letters. Our hour is usually accompanied with yoga.

Friends who are 2.5 years or younger are encourage to sleep/nap during Quiet Hour (and possibly before). They are provided their own room and Teacher to rest peacefully. Parents sit down with teachers ahead of time and sign a napping agreement.

Do you provide lunch, or do the parents?

During the Covid-19 epidemic, families provide their child with a contained, individual lunch and one snack. Crayon Power offers a packaged, individually served snack to afternoon children “friends”.

Before the Covid-19 epidemic, parents contributed lunch about every two weeks to once a month depending on how many days their child attends the playschool. We had a google calendar with assigned dates. Families provided a main-dish, veggie and fruit. We also accepted snack donations if parents send them.

Most all our families are healthy eaters, and we have some kids that are gluten free and nut free, or vegetarian.

Am I required to sign a contract and provide medical information for my child to attend Crayon Power programs?

Yes. Families participating in the playschool and in-person classes are asked to register and fill out all required New York State required documents including submitting a recent medical exam and immunization records. Parents are expected to sign a Parent Handbook and Enrollment contract.

Crayon Power also has other programs and workshops that can be registered for through our CP website. Those programs also require families to sign appropriate waivers and documents to ensure safety for your child.

During the Covid-19 epidemic families are asked to be tested and provide documents showing their family is free from the disease before enrollment.


Will Crayon Power send me copies of my child's records if I request them?

We recommend that parents make copies, or print out, any information you provide Crayon Power. We are not responsible for sending you copies of your child’s medical or personal documents. Nor are we responsible for transferring records to your child’s next school or camp. Parents are encouraged to contact the organization that originally provided the documents.

As, required by law we will happily send you any contracts, notes, or documents in your child’s file, that were produced by Crayon Power staff, with advanced notice. We do not promise to provide these documents within a particular timeline or during non-operating hours.

Do we pay per week or month, and how do we pay?

Each program has it’s own pricing and payment process. Families attending our playschool are asked to register and make monthly payments through our platform. Our other classes and workshops can be registered through the CP website and go through our PayPal portal. 

Do you go by the public school calendar for breaks, holidays, and emergency closures?

We try to follow the DOE calendar for the most part…

In November we usually close for the week of Thanksgiving and will sometimes stay opened for single day PS days off. Our last day of school in June is not the same as New York City Public Schools.

We DO follow the DOE weather advisories and are CLOSED when NYC Schools closed for weather, emergencies and epidemic.

IF BOTH LEAD TEACHERS ARE SICK AT THE SAME TIME: Crayon Power will determine if appropriate substitute care can be provided, however, if it is deemed “unsafe” the Director can declare an emergency closure and a makeup day will be provided at the end of the year.

Do you take field trips on school buses?

In past year we took field trips on school buses and we hope to again once the Covid-19 epidemic is contained. We used a reputable company with good references and a safe driving record. We have a 3/1 ratio on field trip days and ask for Parent Volunteers. We do not do field trips until we feel the kids are trip-ready.

How do you keep the children safe outside and on field trips?

This is a really BIG question that all the teachers take super seriously. Please contact our Director, Ms. Kristen, to talk about it in person and she will describe the scaffolded travel plan we follow throughout the year. We teach the children to be safe and take care of each other when we are outside within the community.

I'm worried about continuity. Do your teachers plan to stay for the school year?

Our teachers commit to staying for the entire year. However, we have learned that things happen, and we’re uncomfortable guaranteeing that this is an absolute. We can promise that we will do our best to provide continuity, give appropriate exit strategies if a teacher does leave, and provide Reggio Emilia and NPT trained teachers who are approved by NYS OCFS.

Do you have a part-time teacher? I noticed another teacher in the room along with the Lead Teacher and the assisting teacher.

Yes. When an epidemic isn’t happening… We invite teaching students to volunteer, as well as invite Specialist Teachers to come offer mindfulness, yoga, dance and music. We also have a retired LCSW  (our neighbor) who sometimes comes to volunteer and read to the children as well as offers support to our parents. 

All our volunteers and specialists are vetted through the DOH/OCFS and have background checks before entering the classroom.

Have a question we didn’t answer? Please contact us!