We offer an inclusive space where children can learn through exploration

This helps develop problem-solving skills, strengthen emotional intelligence, and foster independence.

We offer an inclusive space where children can learn through exploration.

This helps develop problem solving skills,
strengthen emotional intelligence, and

foster independence

Playgroups & Classes

Crayon Power Playschool

Ages 2–5 years | Group Family Daycare

M T W H F   8:30am – 4pm
(short and long day options)

September 12, 2022 – June 22, 2023 


How it works

Crayon Power offers programs that are:

• Hands-on

• Student-tailored

• Relationship-based

We nurture students’ love of learning and their social-emotional needs through our integrated, community-centered classes and playgroups.

Our methods include Reggio Emilia, Forest School, and Natural Play Therapy.

Reggio Emilia

This is a student-centered, emergent curriculum (based on the children’s current interests and passions). It allows for self-directed experiential learning in relationship-driven environments, while long term projects connect core academic areas with the social-emotional needs of the children. The aim is to guide youngsters in using “the 100 languages of children,” including painting, drawing, sculpting, drama, papermaking and construction in everyday life.

Forest School

This method uses hands-on exploration and connection with the natural world to foster creativity, resilience, independence, and confidence. We hold forest school year-round in Prospect Park, which allows students to deeply connect with the natural space, take supported risks, and experience natural cycles first-hand.

Natural Play Therapy (NPT)

NPT is a relationship-based modality that provides tools and guidelines for developing deeper personal connections through bonding across all environmental settings. This has been a critical part of the Crayon Power method when working with children who struggle with interpersonal interactions.

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